A locally produced and highly successful film of the Somerset levels and the annual migration of millions of starlings now recognised as one of the greatest natural UK phenomenons and famous all over the world.
This unique film captures the beauty of the Somerset levels and the habitat alongside some stunning aerial displays by the massing starlings, not only during the evenings but also the rarely seen morning lift off which is spectacular!
Approximately 28 mins long it offers a brief insight and background to the unique Somerset levels as well as some of the best evening starling murmurations.
Witness the unique sounds whilst up close in the reed beds alongside the rarely seen spectacular morning take off

It is scored and narrated throughout and features poetry by a local artist as well as photos by Neil Clarke.
A must see for all bird enthusiasts and those who enjoy the Somerset levels.

A short trailer available on Utube:

At £8.50 including postage & packing, it's both educational and entertaining, a thoroughly enjoyable experience of what is now recognised as the UK's leading natural phenomenons!
See it all from the comfort of your own home.

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Local stockists: Glastonbury Tourist Information, Crispin Hall Emporium, Street